Fish Hatchery Woodland Wedding

June 11, 2019

I met Jaq and Rob thanks to the IG! Who knew hashtags actually worked??

Our initial meeting was at Coffeebar in Midtown Reno and I knew right away that we would get along perfectly.

Rob is a quiet, very mysterious type. You can tell right off the bat that he is insanely intelligent and determined.

Jaq is incredibly kind and humble. She is truly one of the most gorgeous brides I’ve ever gotten to hang out with.

Their energy together is electric!

I met up with Jaq first on their wedding day. They had rented a gorgeous Air Bnb in Galena. She was getting ready with all of her bridesmaids rocking out to Ariana Grande and Lizzo. “Truth Hurts” is truly the song of 2019 Bridal parties. First of all, her bridesmaids are one in a million. All so warm and welcoming! I felt like one of them! They drank champagne, danced, and succeeded at making Jaq cry twice. They all seemed to have loved each other a very long time.

Fast forward to the venue where we took bridal party photos and Jaq included her brother as part of her side! Truly an incredible moment to experience a bond like theirs.

Rob arrived and that dude looked SHARP! I can’t say it enough how kind he is.

The ceremony was filled with the most beautiful vows I have ever hear in my entire life. I am not joking. They are both incredible writers and I am gonna hire them to write mine when my special day comes!

Their day was one I will truly remember forever. Full of laughter, precious words, hugs, INSANE dancing (no joke), and love.

This is the story of how they met:

“How Rob described it for the description on our wedding website: Rob and Jaq met during the University of Nevada English Department’s visiting graduate student weekend. Rob played it cool before tapping her on the shoulder and saying “Hey” at Great Full Gardens. They talked for a while over a drink at Public House, about a liberal arts education, about teaching, about place. Jaq leaned closer—Rob noticed the ring on her finger, figured she was engaged to a nice Catholic boy from her alma mater, St. Mary’s, and left it at that—a great conversation with a cute California gal with almost identical research and teaching interests from a small town which she cared very much about.

Summer passed, and it was time for the Core Writing staff meeting. Jaq, punctual, arrived early. Rob, cutting it close as usual, rolled in with a minute to spare, a giant copy of John James Audubon’s “Birds of America” in hand. “Who is this man?” Jaq thought to herself. When she ran into him again, at Reno Running Company, where Rob worked part-time, she smiled at him in the sock aisle. The ring was on her right hand. It. Was. On.”


Here are some of the amazing things they said about one another:

“Jaq is loving. Rob is loving. Yes, we’re that couple that says the same thing.”

“Rob: I love how thoughtful (and steady and sweet and adventurous and smart and beautiful) Jaq is. Jaq: I love how Rob is incredibly smart, deeply sensitive, and completely goofy all at the same time. He never fails to make me laugh and feel loved.”


If you find someone you love the way they love one another hold tight because you have something unique and sacred!


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