Sweet Spring In Home Session

December 29, 2019

These two are my fricken favorite people. They wanted their shoot to show them in theirĀ  daily lives being normal and doing the things they do every day.

David greeted me with an Iced Latte he got from his walk over to Coffeebar Reno. We literally chatted the whole time about life and love and everything in between.

Their house is the literal cutest thing I have ever seen. I never thought clashing patterns could go so well together. They live a very minimalistic lifestyle and it inspired me to declutter my own home.

Mallory and David’s favorite thing to do it play cards together and so for the shoot, I had them do just that.

The other thing they do almost every day together is take their dog Peter for a walk, so guess what?? We did that too!

I loved this day and how good it felt to hang out with and get to know these two better!