What To Expect From Me

Welcome! Whether it's your first time hiring a photographer or you're a seasoned pro, either way, I've got you. Here is a little glimpse in to what you can expect from a session, or entire wedding with me. Let me reassure you that I am here for YOU. If what I share with you below speaks to you, then we are a perfect match and I would love nothing more than to photograph and document your story. Let's do the damn thing!

Let's Be Weird Together

I’m not just your average wedding photographer and here’s why:

  1. I give a DAMN! About you, about your story, about it all.
  2. I won’t just throw you to the wolves—-the wolves being my camera…punny:)! I set you up for a good time. Whether we are shooting your engagement or your wedding, my sessions are like a workout. We will run, hike, roll around, and laugh our asses off. I am here to document you AUTHENTICALLY. Bonus points when I make you forget the camera is there.
  3. If you’re looking around for a photographer who will show up and pose you for the typical-awkward-staged smiling photos, we might not be the best fit. I am all about the nitty gritty and the in between moments that reveal who you truly are. You will feel like we are just hanging out.
  4. You’re not just anybody to me, you’re my friend the second you say yes to this adventure! I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Meet The Team


It's me! Yours truly. I promise you I will offer you a unique experience. You can catch me at your local coffee shop or hiking up a mountain. This lady here to the right of me is my best friend and I bring her almost anywhere with me, and yes, if you're up for it, she is coming for your shoot too!


This is Sonoma, Sonomee, Noma, Noma Girl, Noma Noma, Bambi, Little Dear, and so many other names. She loves a good open field to run around and chase a soccer ball. She loves her big sister Char Char (Charlie Bear Brown Baker Mayfield) more than anyone in the world. Her favorite treat is.....food. She will eat anything so if you come to my shoot prepared with a dog treat, she will love you forever.