What is your personal photography style?

I am for the moments that happen naturally. I am about the laughs in between the kisses and the dancing in golden light.

I am a natural light photographer and try not to use flash unless I absolutely HAVE to. I would describe my style as true to life and some what moody, however, I love golden tones. I almost always try to shoot at sunset because I personally think that is when light is the best.

I am also about natural edits, so this means that YES, I will edit out any blemishes or little things that might make you insecure, but I do most of my editing in Adobe Lightroom. If you are looking for me to dramatically change you or slim you down in photos we might not be the best fit

How long will it be until I get my photos?

Typically, Portrait sessions and Couples/Engagement sessions have a 3-4 week return time. ♥

Weddings and Elopements are a little longer. I ask that you patiently wait 4-8 weeks depending on the package. ♥

However, I will provide you with at least 5 sneak peeks to hold you over while you wait. I know how freaking exciting it can be to receive the photos!

How many photos will I receive?

Each package depends on the amount of time we spend shooting but I typically provide: ♥

Mini Sessions-15+ ♥

Portraits-50+ ♥

Couples/Engagements-80+ ♥

Weddings and Elopements vary by package but can range from 150-500+

How will I receive them?

I will upload all digital images on to an online gallery that you will be able to download and save all images from. I keep your photos on the gallery for 6 months. ♥

Please SAVE all of your images once you receive them.

Are there payment plans available?

YES! I know money and budgeting can be stressful, so i am totally open to setting up a payment plan that works best for you! ♥

The only catch is that all fees must be paid two weeks before weddings and one week before shoots, other than that i am open to any and all possibilities.

Do you require a retainer fee?

Yes, I charge a 50% non-refundable retainer fee in order to secure the date, and that means that I will not book with anyone else that day:)

How long are the sessions?

Portraits and Couples- 60-75 min ♥

Wedding/Elopement packages range from 3-10 hours ♥

Do you provide print packages?

I personally do not offer print packages at this time, but the online gallery I use to deliver your images has printing options available to make it easier on you!

COMING SOON: Wedding Album Options:)

Do you charge for travel?

Yes, I charge $1 per mile outside of the first 15 miles round trip (30 miles total FOOORRR FREEEE) from my house for time and gas. It is worth it, I swear.

Can we reschedule or cancel?

Yes, of course! I get it, life happens sometimes. You may apply your retainer fee deposit to another time as long as its within the same calendar year.

If you must cancel, your deposit and any fees you've paid are non-refundable. I am very flexible, so lets make it work:)

What do we wear?

If you're having trouble finding an outfit, I can definitely help you out with suggestions. Just ask:)

Can I have access to all of the RAW images?

I'm sorry, no. I take a lot of time picking out the best ones and editing them perfectly. If I gave you them all, that would defeat the purpose.