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        Hey, I'm Shelby.
        Our Adventure Begins Now.

        Let's cut out all the bullshit and capture the real you. I believe in capturing the unique and genuine emotions and sharing what really matters in life; your love stories.

        I can't wait to meet you and show you who I really am! Let's share your story together!
        Hello Lovers and Friends! Thank you for finding your way on over to my website. I’m super excited to have you here!
        I’m Shelby, the one behind the camera.
        I am beyond lucky to be based out of the beautiful Reno/Tahoe area. If you stumbled on this page and you have never been to Tahoe, please come and visit me so that 1) we can be best friends and 2) I can show you all of the cool places this area has to offer. I do life side by side with my girlfriend, Sara, our two dogs – Sadie and Charlie and our cat – Marnie Michaels. Yes, our cat has a full name and its adorable and hilarious, OK?!
        So now you’re wondering, who is this crazy cat lady and what is she all about? Well, I am a runner, hiker, outdoor enthusiast, and camping obsessed human. I’m up for pretty much anything that requires physical activity and a challenge.
        I fell in love with bits and pieces of photography growing up, always having my point and shoot camera and posting those fire MySpace pics. Polaroids are MY JAM. I love collecting those tiny vintage memories and having the satisfaction of an instant imperfect photograph.
        I fell in love with photographing couples and weddings because I know I get to capture the most authentic emotions out of two people in love. It’s fascinating to observe and admire true chemistry. Creating images of people’s love stories is what makes my heart beat hardest and fuels every fiber of my creativity.
        Nothing in this life is permanent. Some day the people we love the most will be gone. Photographs become that sacred relic that your future relatives will come to know you by. Images will reveal who you were so that your grand children can tell their children where they came from. They are the roots of your legacy.
        I know my true purpose in life is to do your story the justice it deserves. I will not let you down. All I ask is that you put your trust in me.
        I live for life’s raw, unique, nostalgic moments because they’re the ones you’ll pack away in your memory forever. Don’t be surprised if we end our time together with a dance battle and a champagne toast. I swear you’ll forget the camera is even there.
        I value humor. I value conscious presence. I value connection. But above all, I value crazy insatiable love.
        If that sounds like what you’re looking for in a photographer then let’s chat!